Facing pressure to step out of his mentor’s shadow, a floundering lawyer takes on the dangerous case of an unhinged soldier suffering from PTSD.

Still mourning his failed marriage, Stephen Harker repeatedly falls short of expectations at work and confronts looming moral crises. We open with a theatrical courtroom performance by Harker’s mentor, the bombastic Robert Fleeger, doing what he does best — defending the indefensible. Harker, the consummate wingman, supports Fleeger with drum-tight legal work.

When the firm’s senior partner notifies Harker that he's on the chopping block, Fleeger gifts Harker a high-profile lawsuit filed by Lt. Major Thomas McAdoo against the firm's top client, multi-national insurance giant Worldscore. McAdoo claims his employment in Afghanistan caused his PTSD. The claim gains traction, threatening to expose Worldscore to an onslaught of PTSD claims by former military contractors.

When Fleeger goes AWOL after a drunken encounter with his provocative ex-wife, Kath, Harker unravels – his initial fear of McAdoo rapidly devolves into an obsession that leads him to pursue a man we soon realize is quite dangerous.

Based on Edward Carlson's debut novel.

Shooting in Spring, 2018.